My name is Martina, but you can call me Rael.
All people do.

13495518_10205181304972576_4977853529977116419_oI´m thirty and I live in Prague, Czech republic.
I´m a very passionate historian/bookworm/wannabe dancer and LARPer.
I´m in love with archaeology, all Victorian things, England and good tea. I’m a bookworm, I love to read and write. I do some drawing and bookbinding too.

I love things I do and I do a lot of things! I can tell I´m not a pro in any of the skills I posses, but I love to try and try harder and harder. Because at the end what I create is worth all the bickering, moaning and sleepless moments!

I believe in learning and creating!
And I believe in beauty…

This blog is my attempt to follow the progress on my (not only) sewing projects and share what happened to be one of my greatest passion – costuming.
I´m self taught seamstress amateur / passionate wannabe artist and know-it all (and if not, internet and books do!) dreamer.

Sewing and creating pretty things brings me joy (and lot of blustering around). I had a few very good lessons from my dear friend Juthwara, but I´ve never attended to any school or lessons.
I learn through errors and mistakes (and a lot of coffee and chatting with my friends).

I hope you will enjoy the ride with me and my thoughts and ideas. Hopefully it will spark a bit of inspiration.
I would love to read your thoughts and comments, so feel free to contact me 🙂

Xoxo, Rael