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Vassagonian diplomat/spymaster at Lone Wolf LARP 2013

Hello my gentle readers!

Do you love getting nostalgic while going through your old stuff? Be it papers, school books or your closet? I do, I very much do.

There are hidden treasures in my closet – and I mean not only those old chemises my dear grandma gave me ( and which are sure retro and I love them). From time to time I bump into terribly old costumes, some of them still wearable and in reall good shape.

This specific one was my first attempt on full costume with all the needed nice-to-haves like: hand-painted patterns, eye-catching details and sleeves for show (pretty much for nothing else, especially not shooting a bow!)

To have a bit of backstory: my friends used to run a once a year Lone Wolf LARP (base on Joe Deaver’s books) for friends, which was outdoor, full of the old and lovable “go for questing, meet few NPC’s down the road and kill some monsters” and was nothing like ,the LARPs nowdays. Think oldschool and with heart.

I was asked to play a Vassagonian diplomat, who came to the land of the good people to negotiate peace treaty. And sell all their secrets to the Drakarim in Darkland and such (no wonder, I was playin a horrible bitch).

At the end, I managed to betray everyone I could, I robbed the one surviving Kail Lord Silent Hawk of the rescued and hardly retrieved book of Magna Kai (sort of a codex and a Bible for the Kai Lords), showed the way to the place to Dark armies and… well, happily pranced away.

I left behind few really pissed players because, well, I was lying all the game, that this time I’m really playing a good character. And… I wasn’t.


Sue me, I just really like to play bitches – I´m too nice in real life, this is like my therapy!

Anyway – this costume dates back to the time, when I´ve divided fabrics to only two categories: cheap, thus affordable and hell no, that´s pricey! This costume is the definition of using cheap fabrics to create something affordable, yet awesome.
The two most expensive pieces of the costume being the red turban, which is actually a bridal saree veil. And the red taffeta pantaloons – saying, that in 2013 the taffeta was much cheaper then now (and it still costed a bunch!)

The costume itself consist of a ghawazee, undershirt with long sleeves and cuffs, a very heavy bra with cowrie shells red pantaloons and a turban.
The pattern for the ghawazee was drafted based on a an old vest with the cut out for the bust area. I´ve used very cheap underlining synthetic sating for the body of the coat (which was actually was not that bad idea in the end).

The sleeves and all the trims are remnant of the old synthetic satin saree, which happened to be around, waiting patiently to be cut and re-purposed. The front is closed with small hooks and lot of prayers.

The undershirt was made of the saree fabric and synthetic olive green satin for the sleeves, cuffs are made of the saree trims, underlined with the satin. The pattern I used was the same as for the ghawazee.

Pantaloons are very, very easy, don´t need to go to details I believe. The taffeta has a nice vine red color with black accents (I´ve never seen that fabric ever again, shame, shame!)

The rest of the costume is few hours with fabric colors and a brush and me trying to not dip it in coffee but the actual flack with the color.

And now take a look. I think that it´s a fine piece of work for a beginner!


The detail of the back pattern – Berberian lio paw for protection and courage.All hand-painted with metallic fabric paint in bronze, gold and violet.
The full costume without the undershirt and the turban.
Here with the undershirt and in full glory.
A good spymaster carries a saber, bow and eventually also a bodyguard with a crossbow!  (Just don´t mind the shoes!)
Look at me,I´m pretty -And half soaked, it was drizzling almost the whole day!


I spy with my vassagonian eye…
The Midnight circus 2013 -Zingara Radha, the dancer and fortune teller
This is the same veil used for the turban.


XOXO, Rael


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