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Maev MacTyra also known as the Mother of the Dragons dress

Hello my dear readers,

this post is very special for me, as this was a special costume done for special girl.
I do not sew much for others, because… reasons. Mainly because I think I have so many things to improve, so I´m just not ready to sew for others.
I can do it, but you always need to know that there might be parts without a zig zag and some things just are not that pretty on the inside as they are on the inside. Because I´m still learning, you know?

This one actually was a very peculiar one.

I was asked to sew a costume for LARP summer camp last summer, which I also happened to be organizing. The task was to dress a witch, noble woman, mother of two, widow and woman of unaging, haunted beauty: Maev MacTyra, the mistress of many smiles.

The character itself was leader of one of Highland clans, but the she was refined, polished and very eerie-like. But also hard as stone and cold as dead mans hands.

After talking with my friend Míša, we decided to go for blue dupion and brown cotton for the godets in the skirt. The dupion to give the feeling of luxury mixed with more practical fabric, that was lying around (to create the illusion that she´s wealthy but – you know, all wealth can be spent).

I had the idea of Margaery Tyrell blue brocade dress, but obviously with less cut outs but still some serious cleavage – as the character is not aging and she can use her charm for whatever means she feels she needs to.


After giving it some serious thoughts, I´ve decided to go for the straight front seam cotte- obviously to accentuate the divine waistline and the hourglass figure. Also, as this was /is to be worn mainly in summer, it´s convenient to have the right support and ditch the bra.

So with that, a coffee and cookies, we´ve drafted the dummy pattern and get to work.

I must say that a great deal of the dresses seams and long stitches has been done by Míša, so it´s more of a collaborative work (and it´s always great to sew for and with someone who knows roughly what is going on and what am I asking for).

The main issue I´ve encountered was – as always – bodice fitting.  Even though the dress is underlined (with my favorite corset fusible interlacing) the bust area came off very strangely.
I had to play a magician and come off with side darts to create reasonable neckline with natural looking side face (no mid bust corset effect, we wanted nice and round shapes). I actually blame big seam allowance and too generous decolletage for the necessity to add the darts (cotte with back lacing shouldn´t need darts of any kind, as it was properly fitted).

The skirt was drafted to be very wide – to be able to tuck the tip to the belt if needed, but still have the gorgeous flow of the fabric. Also – front bottom hem was ankle height to be able to walk/run in it. Back bottom hem is slightly longer, but we ditched any idea of trail.

The whole dress was accompanied with a short bolero M6911 (here), which was also done in blue dupion and underlined with the brown cotton.

I´ve found the pattern realy funny, because it took me one hell of a time to figure out how to sew the darn thing. Actually once I´ve understood the pattern (which is super-easy, mind you), it was finished overnight (with all the necessary zig zag and stuff).

Sadly, the bolero was not captured, even though it was worn over the dress.

All the accessories, the feather and beaded touches, were done by Míša herself.

And why the Mother of the Dragons, you ask?
Well – the color of course. Also, it was a bit of a running joke while we were sewing the dress, so it kinda… stayed with it.

And now, ladies and gents, feast yer eyes!

Maev MacTyra, mistress of many smiles – isn´t she gorgeous?

The dress has two brown side godets, the sleeves are also underlined with the same brown cotton.
We went for ankle height in the front to be able to walk/run.
The crochet sleeveless plaid was a bit of lucky find between the fabrics. No sewing here, but it gives the dress more of a casual look.
The wolf of Hunger, the bane of lady MacTyra
Family and clan – and a good show how wide the skirt actually is.
Not from a LARP – but also good show how wide the skirt is. You can easily ride a horse and still look like a lady with your knees covered!


At last, the pictures of the bolero!



Photos from Letní kempy and Ivana Kuglerová.


XOXO, Rael


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