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Battle of Five armies 2017 Crow witch dress and headpiece

Let´s continue with the railroad of the posts.
After one Battle of Five armies comes the next one. This time really quick dress I´ve made in 2 days and really not much of sewing around actually.

Last year I was a member of Esgaroth cookie squad, but this year my friend asked to join the “Dark army”. Well, why the hell not, said I. I´ve never played strictly evil character – and actually, there´s not much of role play going on, but why the hell not.

I´ve needed an interesting costume that goes with the whole “Dark and evil” theme. As I was joining the “Higlanders” a derivation  from the Lord of the Rings´Wildling, I was thinking tartan first. But as I was supposed to be a companion for the shaman (the lovely lady on the photos with me), I went for something more rough and unrefined.

I had this dress lying around with brocade bodice (sewn for 2016 LARP summer camp). The bodice is horribly done and needs a lot of re-doing, so I just ripped the thing off and started anew.

I ended up being very disappointed on how the bodice was not fitting, try as I might 😦

I had a piece of black linen lying around, so I´ve fished out my princess seam pattern and created bodice for the two layer skirt (which is from two types of cotton, one very light, second one being grey-ish and bit sparkly).
The bodice is very tight because, as with the Merida dress, I just don´t want to wear regular bra at the battles (running around the forest makes it super uncomfortable and makes you wanna scream at the end of the day. That´s a biiig NO NO!)  For extra support I´ve worn wide belt which served a bit of a waist cincher.

I´ve the added the sleeves and bit of rags to the neckline (which left me with the very funny looking stripey sun tan after the weekend) to make it look more like “I´ve done this overnight from rags from the dead bodies”.
Being a witch you just don´t care how you look!

The skirt has a layer of see through linen with a trail and very long sleeves, which create very nice effect while walking or in the wind. Sadly – none of the photographers managed to catch it.


As for the head-piece:
I have three of them lying around. It was a project done also for the 2016 LARP summer camp. The skull is done from papiermâché, cardboard, wire a and tiny bit of cloth for the eyes.
I´ve used acrylic paint and a spray varnish to protect them from rain.
The biggest of the three (on the picture above) has very heavy beak, so I had to add weight on the back of skull by attaching a feather dreads  and clay beads. It looks awesome, but it´s not for all day wearing.
For the BoFA  I´ve chosen the smallest which is ok to wear the whole day.

Mental remark: DO NOT EVER wear contact lenses in the midst of battle, it get´s dusty and scratches your eyes.

But I looked awesome!


This is a lovely, lovely warg costume. Also – worn leggins to avoid mosquito bites. Turned up a good idea!


That´s no make up,this is me being horribly white. Also, photo from the morning. At the end of the day, I was red as a lobster.



The photos are courtesy of Qilip GrayMichaela Mizakoe ZázvorkováJiří StiborPavla Krona and Michal Kára · LARPy, cosplay a tak.

XOXO, Rael



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