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Battle of Five armies 2016 Merida dress

Once upon a time a little girl had a lovely remark, when I was going home, carrying a sword.
I know it must happen to you all the time too, when carrying home strange objects or walking around in strange clothes. We all do at some point of our lives, right?
And children have this very dear habit of saying things on top of their mind.

So, while I walked home (god knows from where) dressed in skirt and blue woolen plaid, my hair down and sword in the hand (firmly clad in a fabric not to alarm people more), I´ve met this lady with daughter, five or six-ish of age.
It was one of the awesome autumn days I enjoy the most, so I was in a great mood, grinning from ear to ear, when this little girl stops and starts to point at me, yelling: “Mommy, look, that´s the brave princess we´ve seen yesterday.”

I´ve met the said girl few more times, and no matter what clothes I´ve worn, she insisted that I´m the “brave princess”. Which not only always made me smile, but also sparked the idea to do the Merida dress she´s wearing almost the whole movie.

Yes, that one!

I´ve seen several patterns and tutorials about the pattern, but I´ve decided to do the old school fitted cotehardie style. Because being of rather sizable asset I needed support, preferably without the modern day bra. And being vain, I just want an awesome cleavage even in medieval gown.

So I´ve asked friend to help me fit the pattern, as seen for example here. I really encourage you to do some research and googling on the internet, as there are few very good advises on how to do it (La cotte simple being one of the best around).
Also, buy a bottle of wine, cakes and chips and have a party with your cavalry/friends to do the fitting.
You seriously can´t do it alone, because you´ll need a second pair of hands and lot of pins.
Also – don´t wear the bra if you want natural lift, bra does totally different things with the bust. Just have the girls hanging around and let the fabric do the trick.

If in need of extra support, add lining or – in my case – corset fusible interfacing.

I´ve bought very lovely peacock blue linen in Sartor (if I remeber, they do ship worldwide and they have very good offer) and I was ready to start cutting. –

The dress itself was pretty simple, but I´ve encountered an issue with the sleeves. Basically I had no idea what to do with the puff part.
So I´ve used bit of a google-fu I claimed over the years and found post on the same dress on Angela Clayton´s page which I found very, very helpful.

Then – and I will never do that again – I had the stupid idea to do the eyelets by hand. I´ve never felt like such an idiot doing 30 eyelets by hand. For the first time. Gah!
No more, just no more!

Anyway, it worked very well.
Until it started raining on Battle of Five armies and the dress went soaking wet and the dress, even though I´ve washed the fabric in hot water, stretched out a lot, so I had to re-sew the bodice again.
But no big deal, it still works as it should and I have the needed support.

The dress was worn over a chemise as…well, I still had this tiny, small boob window in the dress lacing. You don´t want anyone to ogle your boobs, while carrying water around half dead army.

As a shield maiden for the Lake town army.
Army on march.
With battle frying pan. Serving cookies to the Army of Men
Esgaroth cookie commando!


The photos are courtesy of Cordi -Photo, Alatmoroco, Petr Bursa and Šaman z Egeru
XOXO, Rael




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