Crimson peak inspired black dress

To be honest, my dear gentle reader, I don ´t know where to start…

I’ ve been obsessed with Crimson Peak long enough to finally do at least one inspired costume. At least one. I’m in love with the whole movie and the set, the costumes and the story. If you didn´t see it (but I doubt it) I highly recommend it.
It´s just a very simple story, very gothic novel-esque. And very visual.

I´m a proud owner of the Crimson Peak: The Art of Darkness hardcover and I must say it´s totaly worth it. Inspiration and fantastic ideas are pouring from every page, so I dive in from time to time.

Since the first pictures appeared, I knew I would definitely need a costume inspired by this awesome movie. I´ve always seen myself more of a dark colours type, so lady Lucielle´s wardrobe was a sure thing.

Not to mention I´m not a big fan of early Edwardian couture with all the mutton-leg sleeves bigger than my head. Nuh-uh, I´m not a slender type of Gibson girl. I love frills and tassels and long trains. So to put it simply – the bit “old-fashioned” lady Lucille was the choice.

Just look at the lovely dresses!

They´re simply fantastic and haunting in the same time (which I like, to be quite honest, at some point she happened to be my favourite character in the movie).

All the three dresses are of the similar cut – the crimson red dress being the most intricate one (with the back stylized into a spine shape, the train looking like a pool of blood, etc.). And I happen to be of a possession of a similar pattern, so I´ve decided to give it a try.

To make it more complicated, I´ve stumbled upon wonderful and talented Angela Clayton´s pages ( you should check her page here, if you´re not familiar with her! She has serious skills and I wish I have at least half of it).

Her Pumpkin taffeta 1890´s dress (here) inspired by Crimson Peak´s Edith yellow dress made me wonder, if I don´t need a dress with a bow at a back of my neck!

Yellow dress worn by Mia Wasikowska in Crimson Peak

Oh boy, I really need that dress, dear gentle reader! I certainly do!
So I´ve come to the point, when deciding between the two I´ve found the middle ground and drafted the idea of something in between.

But my mind has the life of it´s own and inspiration goes and comes when it wants!

And then I´ve seen Eva Green in Penny Dreadful! Not only does she look fabulous with all the coats she just rocks, but she also has the necessary “evil/mysterious eerie presence” I just love.
Not to mention that she´s a hell of a woman (seriously, this is show worth watching – and not only because of her! and the costumes of course!)


I should be fair – the title of this page is not true anymore, as the idea has taken a totally different shape now. I´ve been thinking about this dress over a year now (yes, that long, my gentle reader!) and it has gone from “Victorian mourning” to “slightly Edwardian” and at the end to “Victorian mourning with a bow and inspiration from Ms. Ives”.

I´ve decided for a black taffeta with crimson cotton lining and black lace for the bodice. The hook of the dress should be either a red bow at the back of the train (instead of the bustle, as I´ve decided to skip it. I have enough large derrière to have it padded even more) or a single red rose (as seen in the Crimson Peak).

I´ve now a month and half until the Carpathian Conclave (a part of Vampire international chronicle LARP) so I´ve thing or two to do 🙂
No time, so many things to do.


I´ll definitely keep you posted about the progress on this one. Hopefully it will be the easier one of the two costumes I´ve decided to wear .)


Xoxo, Rael


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